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Super bird Super bird

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Nice, but short...

Hey, nice job for your 3rd flash. Your movie wasn't bad, but it needed a lot of improvement.

First: You need to find sound FX! Your mouth sounded very, very cheesy.
Second: Work on timing. The bird snoring took up too much time and the squirrel thing laughing and getting his egg took too long as well.
Third: Give your movie a plot. Make it longer. This sort of short seemed very unoriginal.

I did enjoy your art. It was a little rough, but I can tell that with practice you'll be able to build it up. Keep workin' at flash and be creative!

Dipflow responds:

The horrific sound effects are going to be replaced by actual ones in future submissions, atleast i'll try :)
About the plot, i totally agree and the only reason this came out as it did, story-wise,
is that i made up what was next as i animated, i think for the next flash i'll write down my thoughts, maybe even try to think of the camera shots, then work based on that.
Thank you for the response!

Repercussions of Evil Repercussions of Evil

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Doomed to succeed!

First: I know nothing about Doom.

Having said that, I would like to congratulate you on being the first person to interest me in Doom! Maybe I'll be able to fully enjoy this movie another time after learning what Doom is really about.

In any case, your flash was entertaining, flowed very smoothly, plus your style matched the mood of the parody quite nicely. The sound FX and precise timing of the movie were excellent and were largely responsible for keeping me interested. It's hard for me to watch something when I know I'm not completely understanding it, but you managed to get me to watch it 5 times so that I could write this review for you.

Blasting the wall and then entering through the door was a classic scene that made me chuckle. It was nicely executed. I also enjoyed the scene where Stalvern was growing older. The transitions as he grew were sharp and his expressions were well crafted.

There are two reasons why I rated this an 8 instead of higher:
1) - I had difficulty hearing the narration at various points either because your voice seemed to fade or the music was too loud. After watching it 4 more times I was able to hear the lines I missed, but upon first viewing it, missing narration hampered the story.
2) - You were probably feeling rushed, but I felt that your artwork wasn't as clean towards the end of the flash. You started with really crisp characters and environments but ended it a little sloppy. Maybe it was supposed to look more messy because it was a fight scene and everything was destroyed from the roof collapsing?

Anyway, nice work and thanks for the entertainment!

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Phobotech responds:

NOOOOOOOO!!! Don't watch the movie! Play the game from the 90's! Hell, if you're not a fan of revolutionary first person shooters, just play Doom 3! Doom 3 was great! The Doom Movie SUUUUCKS allegedly...everyone I know who's seen it warns me not to see it. Having a half-chub for Doom things, I'd rather not blight my perspective on it.

You watched this five times? Wow, thanks! Either you really liked it, or I failed to make a detail, ohhh, how he became a zombie at the end or something. lol :P

1) Yeah, I gotta work on balancing the audio. I had the volume down perfectly with the music from my library. After seeing Tom's post about not featuring content with copyright protected material, I changed the soundtrack to Audio Portal content at the last minute. It's pretty clear I kinda hurried through the volume balancing. My bad, lesson learned.
2) Like I said, yeah, I was feeling rushed. The "Far too late for now anyway" tattered space-station, the Dad's lip-syncing of "-BY DEMONS" it's ensuing flashback, and the gunfight scene to the end of the credits were all done in a pretty tiresome, rushed fashion. It's a REALLY bad habit of mine to rush things when I have an end in sight...I just get impatient. I'll do my best to cut even less corners with the next flash.

Thanks so much for the badass review. I'm glad you liked it :D

N:Saving The Earth N:Saving The Earth

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Good first, but needs improvement...

You've got a solid first flash here. Some tips for improvement:

-Make your play button self-evident. I shouldn't have to search/guess where it is.
-Graphics need to be upgraded. If you decide you'd like to get into flash animation you may even want to buy a drawing tablet.
-Sound FX could have been better: actual voices for your characters and a larger variety of sounds for the fighting scene.
-Music is a must for any fighting scene! It makes it more intense!

Otherwise, I enjoyed it and thought you did well for your first time. Keep it up and see if you can't create a more original story for your next flash.

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Imrockinboy responds:

Thnx for watching and reviewing!
Its a time now, but i now know how to make preloaders with a self evident play button (sorry for the button!)
I will see that i can buy a tablet or not... i have on my wishlist atm.
For the sounds.. i got a new website (recommended by hyun on his videos) and i saw that no one usually makes their stickman really "talk" so i stuck to text (and also coz my mic is not one of the best :P)
As for the music.. can you tell me any good sites where i can get some background music stuff ...

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Brave Hussar 2 Brave Hussar 2

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Good start!

You've got a good start for the making of a fun game! There are a few things I had problems with though:

- Depth perception was hard to assess at first. I was never quite sure which row I was in in relation to the objects that were approaching me. Traditionally there are 3 rows in this type of game and it took me a while to realize there were 4...

- The music fit the game, but got a bit repetitive. I know you had toggle controls for it, but I think that better music in general would have really helped out.

- The advertisement reappearing from time to time was quite annoying.

Otherwise, good job!

Wonderpills Wonderpills

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Really great game!

This was pretty cool! It reminded me a lot of the "Shift" series by The-EXP. I really liked how there were multiple ways to finish one level and how often times you didn't need to go out of your way to get pills if you were clever enough to finish the stage in a different way.

Things to improve:
Add some optional background music
More sound effects would be nice
Also, there is a glitch that happens every so often where the character won't stop moving. He keeps running and won't stop, even after a respawn. I think jumping might make him stop...

Anyway, cool game!

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